A Note From Our Founder

Great ideas are all around us.

As I was planning this company, my daughter said, "You love bringing joy to people. You should call your company Joy World.” She was right—a world without joy is not the world we want to live in. So we brought that idea to the front and center of how we serve.

What world do you want to live in? We believe you already have what it takes to create it. Our role is to help you see more clearly, bringing forward the great ideas and solutions that already surround you. Your Money Metamorphosis is closer than you think.

— Megan Alpert, CPFA®

Our mission is to get you approaching your life confidently and creatively.

Emotions can cloud your money mindset. Clarity comes from being seen and heard.


Living your dreams is for now and always.

And it’s never too late to start or to make a change.


Information is most helpful when it’s interpreted specifically for your situation.

That’s why we recommend working with a human, not an algorithm.


A single conversation can change everything.

You’ll feel supported here, and leave our conversations feeling comfort, peace, and joy for now and the future.

How We Help

An Environment of Gratitude

We’re here to share joy.

Meet Our Team​


Joanna Connor

Director of Client Services

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