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What are your money emotions?

It’s common to have blocks that make it hard to look at your financial picture. But change happens—what if your money emotions were more like inspiration and joy?

Get comfortable in the present and confident in the future.

Goals matter here. Whether you’re seeking a state of mind (think peace, clarity and joy) or something more concrete (like planning for college, retirement, or homeownership), our team can help you make it happen.


A Better Money Mindset

We’ve helped many clients transform from anxious to full of clarity, peace, and joy.


Secure Your Family’s Future

Save for (and prioritize between) college, homeownership, and other goals.


A Happy Retirement

Planning can do wonders when it comes to long-term goals like retirement.


Support Next Generations

Explore how wealth transfers for loved ones or charitable giving might be strategic for you.

How We Help

Your Money Metamorphosis

Your Joy World financial planner will guide you beyond your blocks and into a better money chapter. These are the truths we bring to the table as we listen to your story.

Money is never just money.

Money represents something different for everyone. We’ll work with you to understand how you think about it now, and how it can empower your future.

Change + intention = growth.

Our extensive financial experience sits atop our background in psychology, which we use to help you grow your way.

Transformation is right around the corner.

Our Philosophy

And speaking of your Joy World Planner...

Here’s our wonderful team.

Meet Our Team​


Joanna Connor

Director of Client Services